Teamgel’s Basic Beliefs about Team Members

In order to make team work work at an individual level we make assumptions about what it is to be a Human Being. Then, based on those assumptions, we must address the team member’s behaviours that are consistent with those assumptions and that contribute to team work working. Here are some of the assumptions Teamgel believes in and around which the LEGO® workshops are designed.

  • We are all cut from the same cloth
  • We are competitive
  • We all have a sense of fun
  • Inner motivation is stronger than outer motivation
  • Behaviour, emotions and attitudes are inseparable in the real world
  • We have inner dialogues with ourselves
  • We think by mental association using metaphors
  • We are social animals
  • Life is a work-in-progress inviting continual improvement
  • Human Beings make team work work

About Teamgel

Teamgel was started by Pete Smith in 2003 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The objective was “to use LEGO® bricks for team building”.
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Why does Teamgel use LEGO® bricks?

Have you ever watched a child play with LEGO® bricks for the first time? It’s WOW! Immediate engagement. It happens with adults too. It’s FUN and lots happens at an emotional level.
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Teamgel’s unique approach to making team work work

Since inception Teamgel has operated on the principle of “Do more of what works for you.” Here are the unique pillars of our success. Read more

Teamgel’s Inspiration

According to Richard Feynman, all science starts off with a guess that we strive to (dis)prove empirically. If experience agrees with the guess, it’s RIGHT.
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So what's next?

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