Teamgel’s Inspiration

According to Richard Feynman, all science starts off with a guess that we strive to (dis)prove empirically. If experience agrees with the guess, it’s RIGHT. If not, it’s WRONG. THAT’S IT! Here’s the fundamental assumption Teamgel makes when answering the question “How does one make team work work?”


First, create a SHARED BOND amongst the team members. This is the foundation of team motivation. Teamgel uses the LEGO® SERIOUS FUN methodology to achieve a Shared Bond.

Next, lead the team members to reach committed consensus (a SHARED POINT of VIEW). This is their being jointly motivated to achieve agreed goals, AND it’s INTRINSIC MOTIVATION we’re talking about.. Teamgel uses the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® METHODOLOGY to make team decisions, solve team problems, and generate innovative and creative ideas.

The result will be a heightened propensity to take SHARED ACTION. THAT’S TEAM WORK WORKING!

About Teamgel

Teamgel was started by Pete Smith in 2003 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The objective was “to use LEGO® bricks for team building”.
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Why does Teamgel use LEGO® bricks?

Have you ever watched a child play with LEGO® bricks for the first time? It’s WOW! Immediate engagement. It happens with adults too. It’s FUN and lots happens at an emotional level.
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Teamgel’s unique approach to making team work work

Since inception Teamgel has operated on the principle of “Do more of what works for you.” Here are the unique pillars of our success. Read more

Teamgel’s Basic Beliefs about Team Members

In order to make team work work at an individual level we make assumptions about what it is to be a Human Being.
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So what's next?

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