Why does Teamgel use LEGO® bricks?

Why the LEGO® SERIOUS FUN methodology uses LEGO® bricks

LEGO® is fun. Ask any kid, or grownup kid. There’s a WOW factor that immediately engages you. Its different shapes, sizes and colours. You can use LEGO® bricks to construct anything you can imagine. You and your friends can play together. No one is excluded, not even computer geeks.

Because all of us are cut from the same cloth we use the same range of behaviours to play with LEGO® bricks when the exercises are structured as a goal to be achieved using the LEGO® bricks. The environment is open and honest too because we’re having fun.

Put all of this together and we have the ideal circumstances for experiential learning. The behaviours used are generic behaviours required to be a team member. The atmosphere encourages reflection. The mood supports learning.

And participants come away having shared fun experiences which creates a shared bond.

This shared positive mood arrived at through engaged fun and play is akin to being in flow, being in the moment.

And you thought LEGO® bricks are simply a babysitting tool!

Why the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology uses LEGO® bricks

In thinking we construct ideas in our heads that represent and help us understand the world. One of the ways we do this is by mental association, one idea gives rise to another, and so on. Often these ideas are linked metaphorically rather than logically. But always, this thinking is inside out heads and not in the public arena.

We use language to communicate our thoughts publically with others. We can also use LEGO® bricks my building a LEGO® model of our thoughts. This model can then be verbally shared with others. Interestingly, by building a 3Dmodel of our thoughts the process can trigger further creative and innovative thoughts.

This is what the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is designed to do. All participants can use LEGO® bricks to express their inner thoughts, share them publicly, and together they can collate their ideas to reach consensus. The added bonus is because the participants are “playing” together they have a sense of belonging to the same team, and a sense of ownership of the final agreement. This ownership translates into commitment, commitment to making it happen.

Why LEGO® team building uses LEGO® bricks

The fundamental premise of Teamgel’s work is:

  • A SHARED BOND is created using the LEGO® SERIOUS FUN methodology, and a SHARED POINT of VIEW is created using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology. The outcome enhances SHARED ACTION.

LEGO® team building is not one way preaching about the concepts of what team building is. LEGO® team building is making team work work by tackling a specific work related issue by including the contribution of people’s emotions to make incremental improvements along the lines of success leads to success.

About Teamgel

Teamgel was started by Pete Smith in 2003 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The objective was “to use LEGO® bricks for team building”.
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Teamgel’s Basic Beliefs about Team Members

In order to make team work work at an individual level we make assumptions about what it is to be a Human Being.
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Teamgel’s Inspiration

According to Richard Feynman, all science starts off with a guess that we strive to (dis)prove empirically. If experience agrees with the guess, it’s RIGHT.
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