Teamgel’s unique approach to making teamwork work

A team is the sum of the team members. For team work to work each and every team member must work and want to work. Teamgel focuses on making a difference by ensuring the team members are the ones that take responsibility for making it happen. Then, and only then, do synergies like there being a Shared Bond between the members arise. Individual Human Beings are the agents of change.

Thus we need to fully understand Human Beings in order to influence them. One thing for sure is Human Beings are not the emotionless mechanistic robots they are made out to be in many HR theories in many textbooks. We cannot ignore the emotional side of Human Beings and only deal with rational thought. The latter only exists in textbook theories and not the real world, including the business world.

Once again, LEGO® bricks come to the rescue. Playing with LEGO® bricks is so engaging that the person denies socially imposed demographics and acts from “the heart”, who they really are. Each team member is involved and responsible for making team work work. And they make an emotional commitment because using LEGO® bricks does not exclude the emotional side of Human Beings. It’s fun.

About Teamgel

Teamgel was started by Pete Smith in 2003 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The objective was “to use LEGO® bricks for team building”.
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Why does Teamgel use LEGO® bricks?

Have you ever watched a child play with LEGO® bricks for the first time? It’s WOW! Immediate engagement. It happens with adults too. It’s FUN and lots happens at an emotional level.
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Teamgel’s Basic Beliefs about Team Members

In order to make team work work at an individual level we make assumptions about what it is to be a Human Being.
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Teamgel’s Inspiration

According to Richard Feynman, all science starts off with a guess that we strive to (dis)prove empirically. If experience agrees with the guess, it’s RIGHT.
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So what's next?

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